New acquisitions Peru (February 2018)

Mourning remains : state atrocity, exhumations, and governing the disappeared in Peru's postwar Andes / Isaias Rojas-Perez Mourning Remains examines the attempts to find, recover, and identify the bodies of Peruvians who were disappeared during the 1980s and 1990s counterinsurgency campaign in Peru's central southern Andes. Isaias Rojas-Perez explores the lives and political engagement of... Continue Reading →


New book in the collection: Latin America : the allure and power of an idea

In this book historian Mauricio Tenorio-Trillo examines the idea of Latin America. It is a fuzzy and contradictory concept which was only invented in the mid-19th century, but it stuck and is now widely used to describe a political region and a culture area. In the words of Tenorio-Trillo: “The term is here to stay;... Continue Reading →

New acquisitions Central America (February 2018)

Red International and Black Caribbean : Communists in New York City, Mexico and the West Indies, 1919-1939 / Margaret Stevens This is the history of the black radicals who organised as Communists between the two imperialist wars of the twentieth century. It explores the political roots of a dozen organisations and parties in New York... Continue Reading →


New acquisitions Latin America (February 2018)

Dos grandes metrópolis latinoamericanas : Ciudad de México y Buenos Aires : una perspectiva comparativa / Martha Schteingart, Pedro Pírez, coordinadores Los materiales que integran este libro representan diferentes temas y enfoques que constituyen cuestiones relevantes en cada una de las ciudades. Las semejanzas o analogías se deben a una base estructural y a un... Continue Reading →


New book in the collection: The cry of the renegade

On October 1, 1920, the city of Santiago, Chile, came to a halt as tens of thousands stopped work and their daily activities to join the funeral procession of José Domingo Gómez Rojas, a 24 year old university student and acclaimed poet. Nicknamed "the firecracker poet" for his incendiary poems, such as "The Cry of... Continue Reading →


New e-books (February 2018)

Baron de Vastey and the origins of Black Atlantic humanism / Marlene Daut Focusing on the influential life and works of the Haitian political writer and statesman, Baron de Vastey (1781-1820), in this book Marlene L. Daut examines the legacy of Vastey’s extensive writings as a form of what she calls black Atlantic humanism, a... Continue Reading →


New book in the collection: Saamaka dreaming

When Richard and Sally Price stepped out of the canoe to begin their fieldwork with the Saamaka Maroons of Suriname in 1966, they were met with a mixture of curiosity, suspicion, ambivalence, hostility, and fascination. With their gradual acceptance into the community they undertook the work that would shape their careers and influence the study... Continue Reading →


New acquisitions Mexico (February 2018)

Agrarian crossings : reformers and the remaking of the US and Mexican countryside / Tore C. Olsson In the 1930s and 1940s, rural reformers in the United States and Mexico waged unprecedented campaigns to remake their countrysides in the name of agrarian justice and agricultural productivity. Agrarian Crossings tells the story of how these campaigns... Continue Reading →


New book in the collection: Inka history in knots

Inka khipus—spun and plied cords that record information through intricate patterns of knots and colors—constitute the only available primary sources on the Inka empire not mediated by the hands, minds, and motives of the conquering Europeans. As such, they offer direct insight into the worldview of the Inka—a view that differs from European thought as... Continue Reading →


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