New e-book in the collection: Candidate matters

In developing democracies, political parties built around charismatic personalities, coupled with populist campaigns, often ascend to power. This tactic has long been effective in Latin America, and has resulted in parties that rely heavily on personalistic appeals and vote-buying. The predominant view is that ethnic parties are an exception to this rule; they behave differently... Continue Reading →

New e-book in the collection: Potosí

In 1545, a native Andean prospector hit pay dirt on a desolate red mountain in highland Bolivia. There followed the world's greatest silver bonanza, making the Cerro Rico or "Rich Hill" and the Imperial Villa of Potosí instant legends, famous from Istanbul to Beijing. The Cerro Rico alone provided over half of the world's silver... Continue Reading →

New e-book in the collection: Black and indigenous resistance in the Americas

Black and Indigenous Resistance in the Americas is an essential roadmap to understanding contemporary racial politics across the Americas, where openly white supremacist politics are on the rise. It is the product of a multiyear, transnational research project by the Anti-racist Research and Action Network of the Americas in collaboration with resistance movements confronting racial... Continue Reading →

New e-book in the collection: Crítica de la razón andina

Desde la década de los sesenta hasta el presente, varios estudios han analizado las formaciones discursivas que conforman la razón latinoamericana. Los ensayos del presente volumen se limitan al espacio más estrecho––aunque igualmente desafiante––de los Andes, una categoría que, aún hoy, estamos lejos de definir unívocamente. Abarcando un marco temporal que va desde el desarrollo... Continue Reading →

New e-book in the collection: Cidades saudáveis

A grande maioria da população vive hoje nas cidades. Mas elas variam bastante entre si e há diferenças marcantes mesmo dentro de uma mesma cidade, o que tem impacto sobre as características da vida urbana e as condições de saúde da população. Compreender essa complexidade é essencial para a tomada de decisões sobre intervenções públicas... Continue Reading →

New e-book in the collection: Finding Afro-Mexico

In 2015, the Mexican state counted how many of its citizens identified as Afro-Mexican for the first time since independence. Finding Afro-Mexico reveals the transnational interdisciplinary histories that led to this celebrated reformulation of Mexican national identity. It traces the Mexican, African American, and Cuban writers, poets, anthropologists, artists, composers, historians, and archaeologists who integrated... Continue Reading →

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