New e-book in the collection: Corruption and justice in colonial Mexico, 1650-1755

Corruption is one of the most prominent issues in Latin American news cycles, with charges deciding the recent elections in Mexico, Brazil, and Guatemala. Despite the urgency of the matter, few recent historical studies on the topic exist, especially on Mexico. For this reason, Christoph Rosenmüller explores the enigma of historical corruption. By drawing upon... Continue Reading →

New book in the collection: State of health

State of Health takes readers inside one of the most controversial regimes of the twenty-first century—Venezuela under Hugo Chávez—for a revealing description of how people’s lives changed for the better as the state began reorganizing society. With lively and accessible storytelling, Amy Cooper chronicles the pleasure people experienced accessing government health care and improving their... Continue Reading →

New e-book in the collection: Citizenship in the Latin American upper and middle classes

The problem of citizenship has long affected Latin America, simultaneously producing inclusion and exclusion, division and unity. Its narrative and practice both reflect and contribute to the region’s profound inequalities. However, citizenship is usually studied on the margins of society. Despite substantial public interest in recent mass mobilizations, the middle and upper classes are rarely... Continue Reading →

New e-book in the collection: Educational alternatives in Latin America

This book explores diverse contemporary paradigms of educational praxis and learning in Latin America, both formal and non-formal. Each contributor offers a unique perspective on the factors which lead to the production of paradigms rooted in ‘other’ logics, cosmologies, and realities, and how these factors may renegotiate and redefine concepts of education, learning, and knowledge.... Continue Reading →

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