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To find articles about Latin America and the Caribbean you can use the Hispanic American Periodicals Index (HAPI)*. HAPI provides complete bibliographic citations to the contents of scholarly journals published around the world on Latin America and the Caribbean since 1970. Coverage includes everything from political, economic, and social issues to the arts and humanities.... Continue Reading →

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New e-book in the collection: Culture as renewable oil

This book unpacks the links between oil energy, state power, urban space and culture, by looking at the Petro-Socialist Venezuelan oil state. It challenges the disciplinary compartmentalisation of the analysis of the material and cultural effects of oil to demonstrate that within the Petrostate, Territory, Bureaucratic Power and Culture become indivisible. To this end, it... Continue Reading →

New e-books (October 2018 II)

Living displacement : the loss and making of place in Colombia / Mateja Celestina Focusing on two cases of resettlement in rural Cundinamarca, Colombia, this book examines how displaced campesinos make sense of their displacement and how displacement shapes their everyday lives. It is based on a ten-month fieldwork employing ethnographic methods working, living and... Continue Reading →

New book in the collection: Colonial phantoms

Highlights the histories and cultural expressions of the Dominican people. Using a blend of historical and literary analysis, Colonial Phantoms reveals how Western discourses have ghosted—miscategorized or erased—the Dominican Republic since the nineteenth century despite its central place in the architecture of the Americas. Through a variety of Dominican cultural texts, from literature to public... Continue Reading →

New book in the collection: After insurgency

El Salvador’s 2009 presidential elections marked a historical feat: Frente Farabundo Martí para la Liberación Nacional (FMLN) became the first former Latin American guerrilla movement to win the ballot after failing to take power by means of armed struggle. In 2014, former comandante Salvador Sánchez Cerén became the country’s second FMLN president. After Insurgency focuses... Continue Reading →

New e-books (October 2018 I)

Natural resources, extraction and indigenous rights in Latin America : exploring the boundaries of environmental and state-corporate crime in Bolivia, Peru and Mexico / Marcela Torres Wong In 1989, the International Labor Organization stated that all indigenous peoples living in the postcolonial world were entitled to the right to prior consultation, over activities that could... Continue Reading →

New book in the collection: Smoke, flames, and the human body in Mesoamerican ritual practice

Epitomizing the radiating sun and perpetuating the cycles of life and time, fire was—and continues to be—a central force in the Mesoamerican cosmos. Mesoamericans understood heat and flames as animate forces that signified strength and vitality; the most powerful of individuals were embodied with immense heat. Moreover, fire was transformative: it was a means to... Continue Reading →

New e-books (September 2018 III)

Political strategies and social movements in Latin America : the Zapatistas and Bolivian cocaleros / Leonidas Oikonomakis This book investigates how social movements form their political strategies in their quest for social change and -when they shift from one strategy to another- why and how that happens. The author creates a model which distinguishes between... Continue Reading →

New e-books (September 2018 II)

Conviviality and survival : co-producing Brazilian prison order / Sacha Darke Brazilian authorities continuously fail to comply with international norms on minimal conditions of incarceration. Brazil's prison population has risen ten-fold since the country's return to democracy in the 1980s. Its prisons typically operate at double official capacity and with 100 prisoners for each guard... Continue Reading →

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