New acquisitions Caribbean (April 2018)

Coolies of the empire : indentured Indians in the sugar colonies, 1830-1920 / Ashutosh Kumar This book studies Indian overseas labour migration in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, which involved millions of Indians traversing the globe in the age of empire, subsequent to the abolition of slavery in 1833. This migration led to the... Continue Reading →


New book in the collection: War owl falling

Drawing on archaeological findings from the Maya lowlands, War Owl Falling shows how innovation and creativity led to social change in ancient societies. Markus Eberl discusses the ways eighth-century Maya (and Maya commoners in particular) reinvented objects and signs that were associated with nobility, including scepters, ceramic vessels, ballgame equipment, and the symbol of the... Continue Reading →

New e-books (April 2018 II)

Beyond alterity : destabilizing the indigenous other in Mexico / edited by Paula López Caballero and Ariadna Acevedo-Rodrigo The concept of “indigenous” has been entwined with notions of exoticism and alterity throughout Mexico’s history. In Beyond Alterity, authors from across disciplines question the persistent association between indigenous people and radical difference, and demonstrate that alterity... Continue Reading →

New book in the collection: Modern Mexican culture

Diego Rivera’s mural Sueño de una tarde dominical en la Alameda Central is a fascinating critique of high society and wealthy elites. It also offers a multitude of other stories that intersect in a web of historical memory. The massive mural, the histories it depicts, and even its physical journey after a devastating earthquake, hold... Continue Reading →

New e-books (April 2018 I)

Between the Andes and the Amazon : language and social meaning in Bolivia / Anna M. Babel Why can’t a Quechua speaker wear pants? Anna M. Babel uses this question to open an analysis of language and social structure at the border of eastern and western, highland and lowland Bolivia. Through an exploration of categories... Continue Reading →

New acquisitions Latin America (April 2018)

Creating dialogues : indigenous perceptions and changing forms of leadership in Amazonia / edited by Hanne Veber and Pirjo Kristiina Virtanen Creating Dialogues discusses contemporary forms of leadership in a variety of Amazonian indigenous groups. Examining the creation of indigenous leaders as political subjects in the context of contemporary state policies of democratization and exploitation... Continue Reading →

New acquisitions Chile (April 2018)

Building power from below : Chilean workers take on Walmart / Carolina Bank Muñoz A story that involves as its main players "workers" and "Walmart" does not usually have a happy ending for labor, so the counternarrative offered by Building Power from Below is must reading for activists and union personnel as well as scholars.... Continue Reading →

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