New acquisitions Central America (February 2018)


Red International and Black Caribbean : Communists in New York City, Mexico and the West Indies, 1919-1939 / Margaret Stevens

This is the history of the black radicals who organised as Communists between the two imperialist wars of the twentieth century. It explores the political roots of a dozen organisations and parties in New York City, Mexico and the Black Caribbean, including the Anti-Imperialist League, and the American Negro Labour Congress and the Haiti Patriotic League, and reveals a history of myriad connections and shared struggle across the continent. This book reclaims the centrality of class consciousness and political solidarity amongst these black radicals, who are too often represented as separate from the international Communist movement which emerged after the Russian Revolution in 1917. Instead, it describes the inner workings of the ‘Red International’ in relation to struggles against racial and colonial oppression. It introduces a cast of radical characters including Richard Moore, Otto Huiswoud, Navares Sager, Grace Campbell, Rose Pastor Stokes and Wilfred Domingo. Challenging the ‘great men’ narrative, Margaret Stevens emphasises the role of women in their capacity as laborers; the struggles of peasants of colour; and of black workers in and around Communist parties.

Call Number 174: CEDLA 50.2040.ST

in the UvA CataloguePlus


Maya E groups : calendars, astronomy, and urbanism in the early lowlands / edited by David A. Freidel, Arlen F. Chase, Anne S. Dowd, and Jerry Murdock

Call Number 174: CEDLA 50.3240.FR

in the UvA CataloguePlus


Substance and seduction : ingested commodities in early modern Mesoamerica / edited by Stacey Schwartzkopf and Kathryn E. Sampeck

Call Number 174: CEDLA 50.3294.SC

in the UvA CataloguePlus


The trajectory of global education policy : community-based management in El Salvador and the global reform agenda. / D. Brent Edwards, Jr.

Call Number 174: CEDLA 53.1300.ED

in the UvA CataloguePlus


El Salvador : dance of the death squads, 1980-1992 / Al J. Venter

Call Number 174: CEDLA 53.3269.VE

in the UvA CataloguePlus


Women in war : the micro-processes of mobilization in El Salvador / Jocelyn Viterna

Call Number 174: CEDLA 53.3298.VI

in the UvA CataloguePlus

El guerrillero y el general : Rodrigo Asturias y Julio Balconi sobre la guerra y la paz en Guatemala / Dirk Kruijt y Rudie van Meurs [entrevistadores]

Call Number 174: CEDLA 55.3102.KR

in the UvA CataloguePlus


Care across generations : solidarity and sacrifice in transnational families / Kristin E. Yarris

Call Number 174: CEDLA 57.0140.YA

in the UvA CataloguePlus




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