New acquisitions Latin America (March 2018)


The mobility of modernism : art and criticism in 1920s Latin America / Harper Montgomery

Many Latin American artists and critics in the 1920s drew on the values of modernism to question the cultural authority of Europe. Modernism gave them a tool for coping with the mobility of their circumstances, as well as the inspiration for works that questioned the very concepts of the artist and the artwork and opened the realm of art to untrained and self-taught artists, artisans, and women. Writing about the modernist works in newspapers and magazines, critics provided a new vocabulary with which to interpret and assign value to the expanding sets of abstracted forms produced by these artists, whose lives were shaped by mobility. The Mobility of Modernism examines modernist artworks and criticism that circulated among a network of cities, including Buenos Aires, Mexico City, Havana, and Lima. Harper Montgomery maps the dialogues and relationships among critics who published in avant-gardist magazines such as Amauta and Revista de Avance and artists such as Carlos Mérida, Xul Solar, and Emilio Pettoruti, among others, who championed esoteric forms of abstraction. She makes a convincing case that, for these artists and critics, modernism became an anticolonial stance which raised issues that are still vital today—the tensions between the local and the global, the ability of artists to speak for blighted or unincorporated people, and, above all, how advanced art and its champions can enact a politics of opposition.

Call Number 174: CEDLA 10.3230.MO

in the UvA CataloguePlus


Dominant elites in Latin America : from neo-liberalism to the ‘pink tide’ / Liisa L. North, Timothy D. Clark, editors

Call Number 174: CEDLA 10.0670.NO

in the UvA CataloguePlus


Beyond machismo : intersectional Latino masculinities / Aída Hurtado and Mrinal Sinha

Call Number 174: CEDLA 10.0760.HU

in the UvA CataloguePlus


Indigeneity and the sacred : indigenous revival and the conservation of sacred natural sites in the Americas / edited by Fausto Sarmiento and Sarah Hitchner

Call Number 174: CEDLA 10.1070.SA

in the UvA CataloguePlus


Latin American women filmmakers : social and cultural perspectives / Traci Roberts-Camps

Call Number 174: CEDLA 10.1254.RO

in the UvA CataloguePlus


Coalitions and compliance : the political economy of pharmaceutical patents in Latin America / Kenneth C. Shadlen

Call Number 174: CEDLA 10.1880.SH

in the UvA CataloguePlus


The resurgence of populism in Latin America / Robert R. Barr

Call Number 174: CEDLA 10.2094.BA

in the UvA CataloguePlus


Memory, truth, and justice in contemporary Latin America / edited by Roberta Villalón

Call Number 174: CEDLA 10.2131.VI

in the UvA CataloguePlus


Exile, diaspora, and return : changing cultural landscapes in Argentina, Chile, Paraguay, and Uruguay / Luis Roniger, Leonardo Senkman, Saúl Sosnowski, and Mario Sznajder

Call Number 174: CEDLA 10.3061.RO

in the UvA CataloguePlus


Exploitation, inequality, and resistance : a history of Latin America since Columbus / Mark A. Burkholder, Monica Rankin, Lyman L. Johnson

Call Number 174: CEDLA 10.3260.BU

in the UvA CataloguePlus


Revolutionary passions : Latin America, Middle-East and India / by Hamit Bozarslan, Gilles Bataillon and Christophe Jaffrelot

Call Number 174: CEDLA 10.3269.BO

in the UvA CataloguePlus


Regional environmental cooperation in South America : processes, drivers and constraints / Karen M. Siegel

Call Number 174: CEDLA 10.3615.SI

in the UvA CataloguePlus




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