New acquisitions Bolivia & Peru (May 2018)


Framing a lost city : science, photography, and the making of Machu Picchu / Amy Cox Hall

When Hiram Bingham, a historian from Yale University, first saw Machu Picchu in 1911, it was a ruin obscured by overgrowth whose terraces were farmed a by few families. A century later, Machu Picchu is a UNESCO world heritage site visited by more than a million tourists annually. This remarkable transformation began with the photographs that accompanied Bingham’s article published in National Geographic magazine, which depicted Machu Picchu as a lost city discovered. Focusing on the practices, technologies, and materializations of Bingham’s three expeditions to Peru (1911, 1912, 1914–1915), this book makes a convincing case that visualization, particularly through the camera, played a decisive role in positioning Machu Picchu as both a scientific discovery and a Peruvian heritage site. Amy Cox Hall argues that while Bingham’s expeditions relied on the labor, knowledge, and support of Peruvian elites, intellectuals, and peasants, the practice of scientific witnessing, and photography specifically, converted Machu Picchu into a cultural artifact fashioned from a distinct way of seeing. Drawing on science and technology studies, she situates letter writing, artifact collecting, and photography as important expeditionary practices that helped shape the way we understand Machu Picchu today. Cox Hall also demonstrates that the photographic evidence was unstable, and, as images circulated worldwide, the “lost city” took on different meanings, especially in Peru, which came to view the site as one of national patrimony in need of protection from expeditions such as Bingham’s.

Call Number 174: CEDLA 37.3240.HA

in the UvA CataloguePlus


Mar para Bolivia : documentos históricos / Celso Montaño Balderrama

Call Number 174: CEDLA 33.2930.MO

in the UvA CataloguePlus



USAID in Bolivia : partner or patrón? / Lawrence C. Heilman

Call Number 174: CEDLA 33.3111.HE

in the UvA CataloguePlus


Pututus y wiphalas en la revolución del 10 de febrero de 1781 : visiones e interpretación histórica sobre la revolución del 10 de Febrero de 1781 y el proceso emancipatorio de Bolivia (compilación) / Antonio Revollo Fernández

Call Number 174: CEDLA 33.3288.RE

in the UvA CataloguePlus


Revolutionizing repertoires : the rise of populist mobilization in Peru / Robert S. Jansen

Call Number 174: CEDLA 37.2800.JA

in the UvA CataloguePlus


Journey of five Capuchin nuns / [by María Rosa] ; edited and translated by Sarah E. Owens

Call Number 174: CEDLA 37.3223.MA

in the UvA CataloguePlus


Gods of the Andes : an early Jesuit account of Inca religion and Andean Christianity / [edited by] Sabine Hyland

Call Number 174: CEDLA 37.3223.VA

in the UvA CataloguePlus


Obras completas / Inca Garcilaso de la Vega ; edición y notas de Carlos Araníbar

Call Number 174: CEDLA 37.3250.GA (I-III)

in the UvA CataloguePlus


Barrios Altos : la otra historia de Lima, siglos XVIII – XX / Alejandro Reyes Flores

Call Number 174: CEDLA 37.3289.RE

in the UvA CataloguePlus



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