New acquisitions Central America (June 2018)

From strangers to neighbors : post-disaster resettlement and community building in Honduras / Ryan Alaniz

Natural disasters, the effects of climate change, and political upheavals and war have driven tens of millions of people from their homes and spurred intense debates about how governments and nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) should respond with long-term resettlement strategies. Many resettlement efforts have focused primarily on providing infrastructure and have done little to help displaced people and communities rebuild social structure, which has led to resettlement failures throughout the world. So what does it take to transform a resettlement into a successful community? This book offers the first long-term comparative study of social outcomes through a case study of two Honduran resettlements built for survivors of Hurricane Mitch (1998) by two different NGOs. Although residents of each arrived from the same affected neighborhoods and have similar demographics, twelve years later one resettlement wrestles with high crime, low participation, and low social capital, while the other maintains low crime, a high degree of social cohesion, participation, and general social health. Using a multi-method approach of household surveys, interviews, ethnography, and analysis of NGO and community documents, Ryan Alaniz demonstrates that these divergent resettlement trajectories can be traced back to the type and quality of support provided by external organizations and the creation of a healthy, cohesive community culture. His findings offer important lessons and strategies that can be utilized in other places and in future resettlement policy to achieve the most effective and positive results.

Call Number 174: CEDLA 56.3061.AL

in the UvA CataloguePlus


2012 – die globalisierte Apokalypse aus lateinamerikanischer Perspektive / Antje Gunsenheimer [and 3 others] (Hg.)

Call Number 174: CEDLA 50.1070.GU

in the UvA CataloguePlus


Education in Mexico, Central America and the Latin Caribbean / edited by C.M. Posner, Christopher Martin and Ana Patricia Elvir

Call Number 174: CEDLA 50.1300.PO

in the UvA CataloguePlus


Sociedades encauzadas : geografía, historia y realidad / Esaú Márquez Espinosa, María del Rocío Ortiz Herrera (coordinadores)

Call Number 174: CEDLA 50.3260.MA

in the UvA CataloguePlus


The indigenous peoples of Mesoamerica and Central America : their societies, cultures, and histories / Robert M. Carmack

Call Number 174: CEDLA 50.3286.CA

in the UvA CataloguePlus


The rise of Pentecostalism in modern El Salvador : from the blood of the martyrs to the baptism of the spirit / Timothy H. Wadkins

Call Number 174: CEDLA 53.1060.WA

in the UvA CataloguePlus


Al atardecer de la vida… : escritos de Ricardo Falla, sj

Call Number 174: CEDLA 55.3212.FA (I-IV)

in the UvA CataloguePlus



Colección Historia política de Guatemala, siglo XX / Augusto Cazali Ávila

Call Number 174: CEDLA 55.3260.CA (I-III)

in the UvA CataloguePlus



Land, politics, and memory in five Nija’ib’ K’iche’ títulos : “The title and proof of our ancestors” / Mallory Matsumoto

Call Number 174: CEDLA 55.3286.MA

in the UvA CataloguePlus


Nicaragua, viajes, rutas y encuentros, 1502-1838 : historia de las exploraciones y descubrimientos, antes de ser Estado independiente, con observaciones sobre su geografía, etnia y naturaleza / Jaime Incer

Call Number 174: CEDLA 57.3310.IN

in the UvA CataloguePlus



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