New e-books (October 2018 I)

Natural resources, extraction and indigenous rights in Latin America : exploring the boundaries of environmental and state-corporate crime in Bolivia, Peru and Mexico / Marcela Torres Wong In 1989, the International Labor Organization stated that all indigenous peoples living in the postcolonial world were entitled to the right to prior consultation, over activities that could... Continue Reading →


New e-books (September 2018 III)

Political strategies and social movements in Latin America : the Zapatistas and Bolivian cocaleros / Leonidas Oikonomakis This book investigates how social movements form their political strategies in their quest for social change and -when they shift from one strategy to another- why and how that happens. The author creates a model which distinguishes between... Continue Reading →

New e-books (September 2018 II)

Conviviality and survival : co-producing Brazilian prison order / Sacha Darke Brazilian authorities continuously fail to comply with international norms on minimal conditions of incarceration. Brazil's prison population has risen ten-fold since the country's return to democracy in the 1980s. Its prisons typically operate at double official capacity and with 100 prisoners for each guard... Continue Reading →

New e-books (September 2018 I)

Labour mobilization, politics and globalization in Brazil: between militancy and moderation / Marieke Riethof This book analyses the conflicts that emerged from the Brazilian labour movement’s active participation in a rapidly changing political environment, particularly in the context of the coming to power of a party with strong roots in the labour movement. While the... Continue Reading →

New e-books (August 2018)

Deeply rooted in the present : heritage, memory, and identity in Brazilian quilombos / Mary Lorena Kenny Asking what it means to be quilombola (descendants of African slaves) in the twenty-first century, Kenny illustrates how heritage and identity do not simply exist, but are continually being constructed to reflect particular historical circumstances. The book includes... Continue Reading →

New e-books (June 2018)

The destruction of the indigenous peoples of Hispano America : a genocidal encounter / Eitan Ginzberg It was not the original intention of the Spanish to harm the Hispanic-American natives. The Spanish Crown, Councils and Church considered the natives free and intelligent vassals entitled to be embraced by Christianity and by the Hispanic civil culture.... Continue Reading →

New e-books (May 2018 II)

From angel to office worker : middle-class identity and female consciousness in Mexico, 1890-1950 / Susie S. Porter In late nineteenth-century Mexico a woman’s presence in the home was a marker of middle-class identity. However, as economic conditions declined during the Mexican Revolution and jobs traditionally held by women disappeared, a growing number of women began... Continue Reading →

New e-books (May 2018 I)

Illegal markets, violence, and inequality : evidence from a Brazilian Metropolis / Jean Daudelin, José Luiz Ratton This book challenges the quasi-consensus that Latin American countries dominate global homicide rankings mainly due to the illegal nature of drug production and trafficking. Building on US scholarship that looks at the role of social exclusion and discriminatory policing in... Continue Reading →

New e-books (April 2018 II)

Beyond alterity : destabilizing the indigenous other in Mexico / edited by Paula López Caballero and Ariadna Acevedo-Rodrigo The concept of “indigenous” has been entwined with notions of exoticism and alterity throughout Mexico’s history. In Beyond Alterity, authors from across disciplines question the persistent association between indigenous people and radical difference, and demonstrate that alterity... Continue Reading →

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