New book in the collection: From here and there

When immigrants to the United States need to learn English, receive health services, open a bank account or get a work certification, US state and local governments or non-profit organizations usually assist as part of the process of supporting immigrant integration and, ultimately, citizenship. But over the past two decades, Mexico, and other origin countries... Continue Reading →


New book in the collection: Most scandalous woman

In 1926 a young Peruvian woman picked up a gun, wrested her infant daughter from her husband, and liberated herself from the constraints of a patriarchal society. Magda Portal, a poet and journalist, would become one of Latin America’s most successful and controversial politicians. In this richly nuanced portrayal of Portal, historian Myrna Ivonne Wallace... Continue Reading →

New book in the collection: Os fuzis e as flechas

Os fuzis e as flechas é uma investigação jornalística que descreve centenas de mortes de indígenas durante a ditadura militar no Brasil (1964-1985). Durante um ano, o autor entrevistou oitenta pessoas, entre índios, sertanistas, missionários e indigenistas, percorreu 14 mil quilômetros de carro, esteve em dez estados e dez aldeias indígenas do Amazonas, Mato Grosso... Continue Reading →

New acquisitions Latin America (September 2018)

Big water : the making of the borderlands between Brazil, Argentina, and Paraguay / edited by Jacob Blanc and Frederico Freitas Big Water explores four centuries of the overlapping histories of Brazil, Argentina, and Paraguay (the Triple Frontier), and the colonies that preceded them. Examining an important area that includes some of the first national... Continue Reading →

New book in the collection: Neoliberalism from below

In Neoliberalism from Below—first published in Argentina in 2014—Verónica Gago examines how Latin American neoliberalism is propelled not just from above by international finance, corporations, and government, but also by the activities of migrant workers, vendors, sweatshop workers, and other marginalized groups. Using the massive illegal market La Salada in Buenos Aires as a point... Continue Reading →

New e-books (September 2018 I)

Labour mobilization, politics and globalization in Brazil: between militancy and moderation / Marieke Riethof This book analyses the conflicts that emerged from the Brazilian labour movement’s active participation in a rapidly changing political environment, particularly in the context of the coming to power of a party with strong roots in the labour movement. While the... Continue Reading →

New acquisitions Mexico (August 2018)

The Mexican heartland : how communities shaped capitalism, a nation, and world history, 1500-2000 / John Tutino The Mexican Heartland provides a new history of capitalism from the perspective of the landed communities surrounding Mexico City. In a sweeping analytical narrative spanning the sixteenth century to today, John Tutino challenges our basic assumptions about the... Continue Reading →

New book in the collection: The Independent Republic of Arequipa

Arequipa, Peru’s second largest city, has the most intense regional culture in the central Andes. Arequipeños fiercely conceive of themselves as exceptional and distinctive, yet also broadly representative of the nation’s overall hybrid nature—a blending of coast (modern, “white”) and sierra (traditional, “indigenous”). The Independent Republic of Arequipa investigates why and how this regional identity... Continue Reading →

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